Conceptual Design

The service provides product design consultancy with designers to finalize design, functions, features and budget for development.

The service offers 3D model design with SolidWorks and Autodesk.

3D Printing

The service offers a rapid prototype with 3D Printing and materials to examine with the customer and product function testing.

Laser cutter

The service offers 2D rapid prototyping with TROTEC Laser cutter and other tools. Prototypes are cut and engraved with high speed and precision.

CNC machine

The service offers rapid prototyping with a CNC machine. The machine creates a precision prototype with cutting and engraving.

PCB Design and Production 

The service offers a solution for designing industrial printed circuit boards and professional electronics consultations. EEI offers engineering team support for rapid prototype development.

Membership benefit 

  • 3,500 THB for money credit
  • Hand tool & accessories
  • Product development Consultation
  • Exclusive community events
  • 10 % Discount for advanced workshops