Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital transformation

          Digital transformation changes people and processes to be suitable for business disruption in the COVID-19 pandemic and the future. The transformation mainly emphasizes the mindset called “Resilience” and workflow with team interaction in your company. As a result, you have created a new solution and output from the business insight under each business unit including finance, account, and other resources. 

           The most important thing in the first step of reorganization is human resource (HR) transformation because The HR team plays a role in recruiting people with the skill set for the company vision. When you set up the new HR team and run on the next steps:

1. Set up Blueprint, Business strategies, and requirements or feedback from each business unit. Moreover, the ownership is mainly managed by the CEO, Executive committees, or the company decision-maker.  

2. “Accessible for All”: Permit for data insight use for all, apply analyzed data for making decisions, and support digital culture in your company. However, privacy data and some information should be assigned to someone who only accesses this data for security in terms of data protection.  

3. “Analytic for All”: Set up a talent team including data scientists, IT officers, engineers, and others to analyze data insight and display data called “data visualization”. The talents use data to empower and support business decision-making. For example, Using sensors and internet connection called “Internet of things(IoT)” monitor machines and performance to gather data in a pool. However, the data are labeled and classified in terms of index value for analytic and prediction.


4.Automation”: When you have operated and transformed your company in 1-3 steps already, you get massive labeled data to solve your pain point and generate new solutions. In the case of digital factory transform, you have estimated, optimized operation and maintenance cost. Or you have implemented a robot system to increase productivity and reduce cost.

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