Maker Stories: Empowering Innovation with Fabrice Payet

               As an incubator for creativity and innovation, FabLab Bangkok has been a driving force for startups and entrepreneurs, providing a collaborative environment and state-of-the-art resources to bring ideas to life. Fabrice Payet’, a member of FabLab Bangkok for the past 3 months, shares his experience and how the FabLab team has helped him achieve his goals in this interview.

                Fabrice Payet has been working on a project, creating prototypes of wooden objects using the Trotec laser cutting machine. Inspired by the need for precise prototypes before moving on to production, He found the resources and tools to be invaluable in realizing his vision. The well-equipped maker space and advanced technology have allowed him to explore, experiment, and develop his skills in the latest technologies.

                One of the key factors that has contributed to his success is the support and assistance from the FabLab team. He mentions that the staff is always helpful and available, with an excellent understanding of the challenges and requirements of any project. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping him overcome obstacles and make progress in his project.

                Being a member of FabLab Bangkok, He appreciates the opportunities for practical, hands-on learning experiences. He mentions that FabLab provides a platform for anyone to apply their theoretical knowledge, further enhancing their understanding and skills. This hands-on approach has empowered him to develop his project and acquire new skills along the way.

                When asked about improvements or changes he would like to see at FabLab Bangkok,  Fabrice Payet expresses his desire to see a similar concept implemented in his home country, France. He recognizes the immense value of FabLab concept in fostering innovation and believes that a similar facility in his country would provide aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators with the necessary resources and support to bring their ideas to fruition.

                 In conclusion, FabLab Bangkok has been a catalyst for Fabrice Payet’s project and entrepreneurial journey. The resources, tools, and support from the FabLab team have enabled him to bring his ideas to life and make significant progress. FabLab Bangkok’s emphasis on practical learning and innovation has empowered him to pursue his passion and turn his vision into reality. With his prototypes in hand, He is ready to take the next steps in his journey, thanks to the invaluable support of FabLab Bangkok.

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