Maker stories: F1 in school and STEM education with FabLab Bangkok

              In the vibrant and innovative landscape of FabLab Bangkok, members find more than just a space to work; they discover a community that fosters creativity and supports ambitious projects. FabLab member is ” Asanee “ , a dynamic team who has been part of the FabLab community the past two months. In this interview, we delve into Asanee’s journey, exploring a project that’s pushing boundaries and the invaluable assistance provided by the FabLab team.

Could you tell us more about your journey as a member of FabLab Bangkok?

Asanee: Our team comprises 6 students from KPIS International School, united with a common goal to participate in the F1 in Schools World Final 2023 in Singapore. When we decided to pursue our passion for F1 car modeling for the competition, we reached out to FabLab for support and assistance in manufacturing. As a result, we’ve been welcomed as members of FabLab Bangkok for the past two months, marking an exhilarating journey filled with innovation and collaborative efforts.

Your F1 car project with F1 in Schools sounds fascinating. Could you share the inspiration behind it and the problems you aimed to solve?

Asanee: Our team is dedicated to training and developing F1 car models, collaborating with F1 in Schools program. The inspiration comes from the desire to evaluate aerodynamics and create F1 car prototypes. We’re addressing the challenge of optimizing various components, such as the car body, front wing, rear wing, and wheels. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance of weight and speed.

Which FabLab machines and tools have played a crucial role in bringing your F1 car project?

Asanee: FabLab has been instrumental in providing access to cutting-edge tools. We’ve utilized 3D printers, specifically resin and FDM types, for manufacturing. Hand tools have been essential for putting the finishing touches on all parts.

How has the FabLab team supported you in the development of your project?

Asanee: The FabLab team has been supporting the manufacturing of car parts. They’ve assisted with both FDM and resin printing, allowing us to compare and test different components. Their expertise has been crucial in refining our project.

Can you share an instance where the FabLab team’s guidance made a significant impact on your project?

Asanee: One memorable moment was when we faced challenges in optimizing the aerodynamics of our F1 car. The FabLab team not only provided technical expertise but also collaborated with us to find innovative solutions. Their commitment to our success has been inspiring.

What is your favorite aspect of being a Fablab member?

 Asanee: Without a doubt, it’s the availability of top-notch facilities and the professional guidance from specialists. Fablab isn’t just a workspace; it’s a supportive community that propels you towards success.

          Conclusion:  Asanee’s journey at FabLab Bangkok and F1 in school Thailand exemplifies the collaborative spirit and innovation that defines the FabLab experience. The F1 car project serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when passionate individuals are provided with the right tools and a supportive community. In the world of startups and innovation, FabLab Bangkok stands out as a hub where dreams take shape, and success is a collective achievement.

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