Maker Stories: Innovating for Good: How FabLab Bangkok Empowers Innovators

     In the heart of Bangkok, a hub of innovation known as FabLab Bangkok is fostering creativity and ingenuity for aspiring entrepreneurs and makers. Among its growing community, Najaree Janjerdsak, “Nano,” is a shining example of how FabLab’s resources and supportive team have catalyzed her journey in the world of 3D-printed prosthetics.

         Nano, a relatively new member, has already made significant strides in just 3 weeks of being a part of the FabLab Bangkok’s member. Her project centers around creating a prosthetic finger for a Handprints e-NABLE Scotland recipient.  What sets her project apart is her dedication to refining existing designs to cater to the recipient’s unique condition. This initiative was driven by her desire to craft a solution that not only fits perfectly but also delivers functionality and comfort.

       Her journey began by immersing herself in the world of 3D-printable prosthetic limbs. With determination as her guide, she ventured into perfecting an existing design she found online. Utilizing FabLab’s cutting-edge machines and tools, such as the SLA and the FDM 3D printer for comparison, she embarked on a transformative process. This experience not only allowed her to adjust and assemble prosthetic limbs but also honed her skills in digital fabrication.

       However, what truly sets her story apart is the unwavering support she received from the FabLab team. While navigating the intricacies of the 3D-printing process, she encountered challenges that would have otherwise consumed significant time and resources. The FabLab team emerged as mentors, providing her with invaluable guidance in operating the 3D printer, reducing trial-and-error phases, and aiding in model adjustments. Despite not being experts in her specific field, the team’s technical advice and unyielding support exemplified FabLab’s commitment to fostering innovation.

       Nano’s favorite aspect of her FabLab membership is the sense of community and support she receives. The FabLab team’s dedication, coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities, empowers her to pursue her passion with confidence. As a testament to her appreciation, she emphasizes how having access to such a nurturing environment has been instrumental in her progress.

       Like any journey of innovation, there are always areas for improvement. Nano’s suggestions for FabLab include the provision of a dedicated workspace for refining 3D-printed models. As the process often involves messy procedures like support removal and sanding, a separate space would facilitate cleanliness and efficiency. Additionally, she emphasizes the need for more bins, allowing for enhanced organization and workspace management.

       She also envisions FabLab expanding its variety of materials and supplies. Her desire for resources such as measurement tape and essential office supplies like post-it notes, recycled paper, grid paper, pencils, and rulers underscores her commitment to detail-oriented, precise work.

       In a world that thrives on innovation and startups, FabLab Bangkok is not merely a space with machines and tools; it’s a community that nurtures ideas and aspirations. Nano’s journey serves as a beacon of how a supportive ecosystem, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a passionate team, can propel individuals to achieve their goals. As FabLab Bangkok continues to support innovative endeavors, it cements its role as a catalyst for transforming dreams into reality.

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